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About Recrubo

We exist to help people efficiently find jobs through chat. 

We’re proud to have built a product that recruiters and candidates love.

The current way of recruiting needs to be fixed

There’s a revolutionary change happening. The demand for hourly workers has shifted the paradigm; candidates can now arrange a new role in a day and leave just as quickly.

Companies must proactively engage candidates through innovation to fill roles. 

That’s why we’re here. To simplify the process for everyone, using cutting-edge AI.

Our Mission
“Our mission is to redefine recruitment by connecting organizations and talent through conversational AI. ”
Our Vision
"We believe that the essence of recruitment lies in authentic human connection. We envision a world where recruiters reclaim valuable time to engage with candidates meaningfully and play a pivotal role in reducing turnover by ensuring the right fit between candidates and positions."
Recrubo's story

Driven by Personal Experience

Recrubo.ai’s story starts with Niels – going through the same job hunt struggles as most. 


In his student days, companies were a pain to deal with regarding hiring, long application forms, and too much back and forth. So, when he needed a job, he leaned on recommendations from friends – getting in touch directly with recruiters and business owners over chat. 

Along came WhatsApp’s business API, which changed the game. Niels could chat with recruiters on a bigger scale using his own style in a chat app where he felt comfortable.


Even before having an actual product, the chat technique worked. Not only did Niels get the job, but the process was fast and hassle-free! That response lit a fire under Niels, and the Recrubo.ai adventure began.


Together with Cofounders Bram and Cédric, Recrubo.ai is making recruitment modern and personal. They’re all about smooth, efficient communication. Recrubo.ai now helps some of the biggest brands across five industries, helping businesses and candidates connect in a quick, fresh and easy way.

See Recrubo.ai in action!

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