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Empower Your Blue & Grey Collar Workforce with Recrubo.ai’s Hiring Solution

Accelerate your hiring

Empowering the Manufacturing & Logistic sector

Triple the amount of candidates: Recrubo.ai’s industrial hiring solution generates 300% more candidates

In the realms of industrial, manufacturing, and logistics sectors, encompassing roles from operators and engineers to truck drivers, Recrubo’s approach breaks down barriers. By simplifying and automating the application process, Recrubo opens the gateway for a diverse range of talents to join these sectors, while maintaining top-tier quality via automated pre-screening.


Designed to save recruiters’ time

In a world where every moment matters, our AI solution relieves recruiters of manual screening.

By automating initial assessments, Recrubo.ai frees recruiters to focus on what truly counts. On average, our solution saves recruiters 2 hours daily, allowing them to concentrate on nurturing top talent.


Accelerate your hiring

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Empowering Recruiters
Recrubo.ai streamlines our candidate journey The pre-screening gives our recruiters more time for a personal connection with the candidates.
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