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Empower Your Staffing Agency with Recrubo.ai’s Hiring Solution

Efficiently match candidates with relevant job profiles, expediting the selection process.

 Solutions for Staffing Agencies

Designed to save recruiters’ time

By offering an accessible and simplified application process, Recrubo.ai plays a pivotal role in generating a higher volume of qualified candidates. Recrubo.ai matches candidates with the right vacancies. On average, our solution saves recruiters 2 hours daily, allowing them to concentrate on nurturing top talent.

Client Success Stories

From weeks to hours: Recrubo.ai’s staffing agencies hiring solution cuts hiring time by 200%

In the field of staffing agencies, there are dozens to hundreds of vacancies to be filled for different clients. Recrubo.ai enables volume recruitment and saves the recruiter’s time by taking over repetitive tasks.

Mathijs van der Aa Online Marketeer, Job Invest
Empowering Recruitment Agencies
"Recrubo.ai streamlines our candidate journey The pre-screening gives our recruiters more time for a personal connection with the candidates."

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