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Efficiently Streamline Facility Hiring Process With Recrubo.ai

Recrubo enables facility recruiters to hire faster by pre-screening and scheduling hundreds of candidates daily.

Recrubo.ai qualifies and schedules thousands of applicants every day

Solutions for Facility Industry

Designed to save recruiters’ time

In a world where every moment matters, our AI solution relieves recruiters of manual screening. By automating initial assessments, Recrubo.ai frees recruiters to focus on what truly counts. On average, our solution saves recruiters 2 hours daily, allowing them to concentrate on nurturing top talent.

Client Success Stories

From weeks to hours: Recrubo.ai’s Delivery hiring solution cuts hiring time by 200%

In the competitive landscape of hourly Delivery work, where candidates often apply to multiple employers, time becomes the paramount factor; if compensation isn’t the differentiator, winning through speed becomes imperative.

Kim van Amelsvoort Recruitment Manager, Envida
Empowering Facility Businesses
"Applying for a job quickly, easily and efficiently while being able to manage the candidates well. This is what Sodexo achieves with Recrubo's help."

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