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WhatsApp Job Applications in healthcare

In the healthcare sector, there is a great need for new employees, but finding suitable candidates is often a significant challenge. That’s why organizations like Zorggroep Charim and Envida have introduced WhatsApp job applications.

Through an online campaign, these healthcare institutions target passive job seekers—individuals who are interested in a job in healthcare but are not actively searching for vacancies. The campaign directs these potential candidates to a WhatsApp chatbot.

There are various job openings available, including Care Assistant, Housekeeping, and Holiday Worker. Depending on the applicant’s preference, they can apply for the desired position. Recrubo achieved the following results:

Candidates per month: 295
Hires per month: 34

Cost per hire: €83

The chatbot asks various screening questions to the applicant, such as postcode, availability, and experience. The applicant can easily respond via WhatsApp. If the applicant meets the requirements, they are automatically forwarded to Recrubo.app or the ATS.

By using WhatsApp job applications, healthcare institutions can quickly and efficiently find suitable candidates. It is accessible and easy, reaching passive job seekers who may not otherwise apply. Moreover, the process of applying and handling the application can be automated in this way, saving the healthcare institution time and costs.

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