We empower recruitment professionals through the power of chat, so they can hire better and faster

A candidate centered approach

Recrubo envisions a world where employers no longer spend time finding
and assessing candidates but use their resources on talent retention.

Recrubo sees recruitment changing

The increasing demand in the labour market, especially among hourly workers, has put the hourly worker in a position of luxury. When this, often young target group, wants to work somewhere, they have arranged this within a day.  With the same ease they leave again.

Candidates selling themselves to work at a company is an illusion. Nowadays, it’s the opposite. This means: going public with what the company has to offer and following this up with a candidate-oriented approach. This is done by being present where the candidate’s attention is and by interacting in an accessible way, through the channels the candidate prefers. The most adopted chat channels offer a solution in this, as it is easy to respond and the candidate can do this where and when they want.


Introducing Recrubo


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