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European AI Act & Recrubo: What is the impact?

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly, the European Parliament has recently taken a historic step by approving the European AI Act. This legislation, designed to regulate the development and implementation of AI, promises significant changes for companies utilizing AI technologies. At Recrubo, where innovation and ethics go hand in hand, we warmly welcome this development.

The AI Act lays a solid foundation for the deployment of AI, with strict guidelines for systems deemed ‘high risk,’ such as those used in recruitment and selection processes. This is directly relevant to our work at Recrubo, where we provide AI-driven solutions to streamline and personalize the recruitment process. Our vision to create authentic connections in the recruitment sector resonates with the core principles of the AI Act.

The law emphasizes transparency, ethics, and safety – principles that Recrubo has always embraced. Our mission is not only to transform the recruitment world but to do so in a way that respects and values individuals. This is reflected in our approach, where we aim for a candidate-centric experience, supported by our AI technology seamlessly integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

For our clients, there is no fundamental change; our services remain equally relevant and valuable. However, the new legislation requires us to be even more transparent about the use of AI, particularly in clearly communicating when interactions with a chatbot occur. This is a principle that we will actively implement and integrate into our product offerings, while also ensuring our clients are keenly aware of it.

Our approach has always been to lead in technological development, with a strong focus on ethics and transparency. Therefore, we can assure that we will always comply with legal requirements. The future of AI in recruitment is clear, and at Recrubo, we are ready to shape this future, respecting the human factor that makes our work so meaningful.

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