Hiring via chat

We make applications as easy as possible for both the applicant and the recruiter, resulting in high volume qualified candidates.






Reach your target audience

Recrubo activates a latent job-seeking audience (47% of the labour market) through social media ads in a unique and scalable way.


Applying was never so easy

Gather all the data you need and ask pre-screening questions to see if the candidate fits the profile. What the conversation looks like and what is asked in the chat is completely in your control, which ensures that the conversation fits your company and goals.

whatsapp application


Integrate Recrubo with your trusted ATS. Recrubo has previously integrated with systems such as Emply, Otys, Recruitee and many more. Get in touch and ask about opportunities with your ATS.
applicant tracking systems

Automatically schedule a call request, or an online or offline job application by integrating Recrubo with calendar and meeting software such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Calendly.

Calendar & Meeting Software integrations

Recrubo integrates with every possible chat service. Choose the chat service that is most adopted in your country or region. For example WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage and many more.


Efficient candidate

Work in a way that is compatible with your current internal processes. Manage candidates at scale, but always in a personal manner.

recrubo applicant tracking system

Maintain a warm relationship

Stay in touch via chat, in person one-on-one, or reach out to everyone at once. With Recrubo, you always maintain accessible contact in a scalable way.


Ready to level up your hiring process?

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